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Filling Our Cups: A Background Story

Filling Our Cups is a photography project. 

An encouraging, visual journal, we work to normalise equality and diversity in daytoday society. In this journal we study, document and photograph everyday people doing life their own way – overcoming stereotypes, inequality and their own unconscious bias, and following their passions and interests.

We hope it will inspire you to do the same.

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Filling our cups - a photography project celebrating everyday people doing life their way

Filling our cups is a project charged with encouraging diversity and equality in our every day by documenting and photographing everyday people, doing life their way, outside of typical stereotypes so that our children and their friends can grow up in a world that’s more accepting and where they feel confident to follow their passions.

Diversity, equality, reviving Te Reo, modern day racism, the working poor, poverty gaps and 2018 being dubbed the year of the woman are all hot topics of conversation for 2019.

When someone is trying to grow their business or career prospects and we are talking about concepts, content and strategies for them to use in their marketing, it always starts with a conversation about - why. Why do they do what they do? How did they get here. Where are they trying to go?

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