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Who am I?

I'm a multi hat wearing (I kid. I don't do hats), Photographer / Product Stylist + colour committed  Brand Creative.

You might have already heard me say that I believe putting your best foot forward, starts with your brand strategy and content. Because it's true.

As a business owner (I had an ecommerce store too) with a background in sales and recruitment, you don't need to spend loads of time telling me about your pain points. 

I get it. I've been there too. So I roll my experience up and combine it with my photography + styling background to help other brands grow organically.

I’m a huge fan of using visual concepts to simplify marketing strategies and coach small and boutique NZ brands on how to apply these and content creation to their Instagram strategy.

If you need to make your products or services look as brilliant as they really, truly are to the right people - your ideal customers - I can help!

But put simply - I’m a story teller WHO giveS you the tools to transform your brand story.

Have you ever felt like you were competing for space on your screen so that your own story could be heard?

I used to say 'all the time' too. The internet is so overcrowded with everyone trying to compete. 

Cause you can have the best copy. The most captivating story. The solution to every Instagram engagement, content creation, DIY photography or just general every day problem known to NZ business man (or woman) kind.


If you don’t get in front of the right people and manage to stop them scrolling in their tracks... none of that matters. 

You need the best content. The best images / design and used in the best way which is where I start.

I create images and support your brand's design to tell your brand story so that you STAND OUT. 

My brands


I freelance on advertising and editorial campaigns as a photographer, interior and prop stylist.

But also own The Urban Wild which help's boutique brands and artists by providing creative direction and brings their vision to life by transforming their brand story's. We focus on your brand essence and visual marketing strategy, alongside photography and social media management, particularly Instagram - so that your money and time investment helps you to stand out and get the best results organically.

I also coach boutique brands and other creatives on how to sell on Instagram.

At home

Colour pops, Instagram and copious amounts of coffee are my jam. As well as my passion project, creating fine art photographic prints, I’m a crazy plant lady, keen cook and I'm on the board for a local art gallery centred around emerging artists.

I'm wife to Ben + answer to 'Mum' (most of the time) to two spirited little people. 

If you made it this far - hey, thanks for reading, coming up with these bio's is pants (and for copywriters) - but I'd love for you to follow along or get in touch to work with me.

If you're ready to chat more, get in touch.



Passion Project.png
FLORA 155 - Teaching my kids to see colour + appreciate the smaller things, got us through a time with a very persistent belly ache. We always had a bunch of flowers + house plant babies that I was sure wouldn’t make the end of the month in our star white, painted box, absent of colour - but here we are. Flora 155 is a floral + jungalow series, inspired by my family - especially my children, a journey to good health + pretty much, just life.
— fox + lilly - fine art prints by emma baker