Oh hello!

I'm Emma, a photographer / stylist / brand creative type,  wife to Ben, mum to two and wearer of many hats.

This isn't your typical story of my life long passion in photography. I could bore you with how I grew up in Hawkes Bay in the 80's, or memories of my Nana giving me my first camera when I was about 6 years old but - I'm pretty sure you didn't come here for that.

The truth is, I've always loved taking photo's but I couldn't study photography at school. The cost for my family was over the top. So, my creative career actually started with me going to Wellington as a teen on an extended holiday. I got a job at a bank cause they didn't check how old I was - and that was the start of many adventures. Definitely not your typical creative journey!

I became a Nanny. Then trained as a Nail and Beauty Technician which became my first business where I worked on the other side of cameras. I did some must do fun jobs in between, often more than one at a time, lots of soul destroying admin stuff and then fell into Recruitment which is where I learnt the most about kiwi businesses, sales, marketing and how to run your own business.

Somewhere in there I came back to photography and found myself eventually studying Interior Design and doing a Diploma in Photography as an adult student.

I've also owned an online store so really understand, some of the challenges businesses can face with their branding and online presence. It's comes in super handy cause it means I can be more hands on and I have a more innovative approach to photography and branding projects.

You'll always find me experimenting with interiors, props and DIY. I'm super handy at building sets, although hammering a nail straight's a bit hit and miss some days! I love a touch of whimsy. Moody lighting, neutrals and big open spaces. I mix the old with the new and there's always music playing somewhere.

Colour pops and instagram are my jam. I'm a bit of a foodie too but actually not the worlds best baker *sad face* - give me a few minutes and a camera and I can make my creations look amazing though!

If you made it this far - hey, thanks for reading, coming up with these bio's is pants (and for copywriters) - but I'd love for you to follow along or get in touch to work with me.





FLORA 155 - Teaching my kids to see colour + appreciate the smaller things, got us through a time with a very persistent belly ache. We always had a bunch of flowers + house plant babies that I was sure wouldn’t make the end of the month in our star white, painted box, absent of colour - but here we are. Flora 155 is a floral + jungalow series, inspired by my family - especially my children, a journey to good health + pretty much, just life.
— fox + lilly - fine art prints by emma baker