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I'm a multi hat wearing (I kid. I don't do hats), Photographer / Stylist + Colour Brand Creative, spending my days - as a Curious creator, Digital dreamer and Instagram Strategist. I love working with ARTISTS, BRANDS + the PEOPLE behind them. So if you need to make your products or services look as brilliant as they really, truly are - send everything to me - especially projects for foodies - NOM NOM!

Now, I promise you, this isn't a typical stale artists bio listing my life story, credentials or going on about how my Nana I think, was the one who gave me my first camera when I was about 6 years old. 

But, I will tell you about my most important role as wife to Ben + mum to our two very spirited little people. Photography has always been a passion and I've never had a job where story telling wasn't key so finding a blend of all three was important. 

I went back to school as an adult student to complete my diploma in photography after a corporate career that began with me heading to Wellington as a teen on an extended holiday. I got a job at a bank cause they didn't check how old I was until I had been there so long it didn't matter anymore!

I've also worked with kids + trained as a nail tech which became my first business leading to work on the other side of cameras. I had a colourful career + then fell into Recruitment where I was lucky enough to learn a lot about kiwi brands, sales, marketing and how to run your own business.

I came back to photography and found myself working as a wedding photographer, studying Photography + Interior Design.

I've owned an online store so really understand, some of the challenges businesses can face with their branding and online presence. And, that comes in super handy. A picture tells a thousand words and we use a strategic visual marketing plan to tell your business story in the right way. It means I can be more hands on.

You'll always find me experimenting with interiors, props and DIY. I'm super handy at building sets, although hammering a nail straight's a bit hit and miss some days! I love a touch of whimsy. Moody lighting, neutrals and big open spaces. I mix the old with the new and there's always music playing somewhere.

Colour pops and instagram are my jam. I'm a bit of a foodie too but actually not the worlds best baker *sad face* - give me a few minutes and a camera and I can make my creations look amazing though!

If you made it this far - hey, thanks for reading, coming up with these bio's is pants (and for copywriters) - but I'd love for you to follow along or get in touch to work with me.

If you're ready to chat more, get in touch.


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FLORA 155 - Teaching my kids to see colour + appreciate the smaller things, got us through a time with a very persistent belly ache. We always had a bunch of flowers + house plant babies that I was sure wouldn’t make the end of the month in our star white, painted box, absent of colour - but here we are. Flora 155 is a floral + jungalow series, inspired by my family - especially my children, a journey to good health + pretty much, just life.
— fox + lilly - fine art prints by emma baker