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 Emma Baker Photography
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 Emma Baker Photography

Armed with a camera, incredible eye for detail and an understanding of brand essence, I believe that putting your best foot forward, starts with your brand strategy and content.

To put it simply - I’m a story teller. I draw on my experience in sales + marketing and as a business owner to create content strategies and images for lifestyle brands who have a story to tell.

Your 'image' is everything. And content creation + visual marketing is more than just throwing a few pictures online, chucking on some hashtags + hoping for the best.

Because you can have the best copy. The most intriguing story. A solution to every problem ever known. BUT - if you don’t get it in front of the right people or stop them scrolling in their tracks - none of that even matters.

Work with me to transform your brand story into something instantly recognisable + captivating with clever content creation + social media plans to grow your business organically.

Your tribe want to hear your story + your first impressions count.



People know me best for the content creation and strategy work I do with NZ brands and the people behind them. I also manage social /online media + content creation projects, shoot for Getty Images + have a collection of fine art photographic prints. 

Contact me for projects ranging from food, stills + product to interiors, brands and the people behind them. I can come into a campaign or project as an all round creative, bring in a team or just join yours.


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styling + photography

If you need a visual story teller to turn your brand story into something instantly recognisable and memorable, who can bring out your best side on camera and still add interest to products and interiors with clever styling or lighting, seizing every opportunity for fearless use of colour pops, pattern and texture, I can help. Colour is so underrated. I use loads and can transform almost anywhere into a set while quickly making people feel at ease. 

I’m a professional product and brand photographer based in Auckland, NZ where you can send your products directly to me or have me come to you onsite.


fox + lilly 

fine art prints BY Emma Baker



fox + lilly

Fine art prints by emma baker


fox + lilly prints

Bright, bold and colourful floral and botanical art for the home

Flora 155 is a WIP series of bright, bold and colourful floral and botanical photographs, available as limited edition prints. They add colour and texture to the home or office and are inspired by my jungalow obsession, my children's view of the world and stacks of colour.

Flora 577 is coming.


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