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I'm an independent Brand Creative, Photographer + Stylist freelancing on product / interior + art projects in NZ. I'm also an exclusive Getty Images Photographer + work with Kiwi businesses as a Visual Marketing Creative. 

My work ranges from food, stills + product to interiors + brand projects. I'm that person who can be accessible, flexible + an all round creative or just to work on styling + photography aspects. I can bring in a team of other creatives or join yours.

Before I even hit the camera, I research to discover everything there is to know about your campaign's and see what I can bring to the table.

I think about what's current + being done by others in that particular moment, what's been done before + what we can do differently. How can I add in something extra, a bit out of the box and special to stand out? Can I add a splash of colour, texture, depth? What is going to get your customers to click that buy or book now button?


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styling + photography

One the of the things I love about photography is that you decide how to visually tell a story. How you interpret it and then convey that your audience is decided by your camera work, lighting and styling. I use loads of colour, can transform almost anywhere into a set and can quickly make people feel at ease whether I'm in my studio space or at your place. 


fine art prints




2017 - ONGOING


flora 155


So much, but so little can change and when there's a constant fast pace, taking time out for yourself to stop and smell the roses is the only thing keeping you grounded some days.

My passion for teaching my children to live in colour and appreciate the smaller things, escalated in February 2015 with a very persistent belly ache, a bunch of flowers and some house plants I was sure wouldn't make the end of the month in our star white painted box, absent of colour. 

Flora 155 is a series of Fine Art Photographs of floral compositions and greenery, inspired by my family especially my children, a journey to good health and pretty much, just life.


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