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more than just vanilla.

When I think about who I want to work with, I always choose original, bold, creative types who want to work outside of the box and add some zing to the vanilla.

I'm an independent Brand Creative, Photographer + Stylist for product / interior + art projects in NZ. I'm also an exclusive Getty Images Photographer + work with Kiwi businesses as a Visual Marketing Creative. 

My work ranges from food, stills + product to interiors + brand projects. I'm that person who'll be accessible, flexible + an all round creative, bring in a team of other creatives or just join yours.

Before I even think about hitting the camera, I'm checking to see what I can bring to the table. What have you done before that works? What can we do differently? How can I add in something extra, a bit out of the box and special to make your product or service stand out even more and reflect who you are?

It might be adding a splash of colour, texture, depth. Changing the angle of view or lighting. I encourage you to think outside the box, stand out and get your customers to click that buy or book now button by showing them you're more than just vanilla.


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styling + photography

Working with others that love to add interest into a visual story with fearless colour pops, pattern and texture is what I live for behind the camera. It's so exciting seeing your camera work, lighting and styling completely transform an object, space or feeling that goes with an image. Colour is underrated. I use loads. I can also transform almost anywhere into a set and quickly make people feel at ease. 


fox + lilly 

fine art prints BY Emma Baker



fox + lilly

Fine art prints by emma baker


flora 155 series

Bright, bold and colourful floral and greenery artwork for the home

Flora 155 is a series of bright, bold and colourful floral and greenery photographs, available as limited eidition prints that were inspired by a child's view of the world and stacks of colour.


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