meet emma

meet emma


I'm Emma.

I'm a freelance creative helping businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives to tell their brand stories.

I often work alongside other photographers, stylists, and designers, have trained in photography, beauty and caffeine consumption - truth - then launching The Urban Wild with my husband Ben, specifically to help emerging businesses and creatives in 2017.

Spending a large portion of my working life behind a desk or on the road looking after client portfolios in various sectors has seen my photography jobs morph into coaching roles. I've also owned an online store so really understand first hand, some of the challenges businesses can face with their branding and online presence and it means I can have a truly innovative approach to your photography and branding projects.

You'll always find me experimenting with interiors, props and DIY. I'm super handy at building sets, although hammering a nail straight's a bit hit and miss some days! I love a touch of whimsy. Moody lighting, neutrals and big open spaces. I mix the old with the new and there's always music playing somewhere to help set the vibe.

Colour pops and instagram are my jam. I am a vegetarian foodie at heart but despite my name, I am not the worlds best baker *sad face* - give me a few minutes and a camera and I will make anything look amazing though!

Fuelled by coffee and good hair days, you'll find me getting to know my clients, tinkering around with the camera in hand with my young family running around. Say hello or follow my work.

Say hello or follow our work.

If you're interested in second and assitant work, I'd love to hear from you too.